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In 2014 a2d collaborated with mypods to design a new office extension for Network Rail Headquarters in Milton Keynes. With limited budgets and increasing workforce, the concept was to create a small office village nestled amongst existing trees in an open space between 2 five-storey office blocks.

The resulting proposal is a full-width raised timber platform that acts as a plug and play grid system, enabling meeting rooms of various internal sizes to be placed (and later moved) wherever required. There are 4 types of pods, mixing single storey and others with roof terraces to create a soft, flexible layout, surrounded by a walkway and seating around the perimeter and with medium to light sun and rain protection by a canopy spanning at high level between the flanking buildings.

  •    Client:

                  Network Rail

  •     Timeline:

       November 2014

  •    Location:

           Milton Keynes

  •    Posted by:

    a2d architecture

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