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The Food, Art and Technology (FAT) Cultural Arts Centre is our response to the international competition to re-purpose a dis-used factory building in Bologna, Italy. FAT is both a place of work and a tourist destination, where art and theatre co-exist with urban fruit and vegetable gardens and market stalls, all under one roof, serviced by the latest innovative technological thinking. FAT grows in and out of the cracks and fissures caused by a theoretical earthquake as it takes a direct hit on the building. The effect is like witnessing a dramatic explosion with the glowing, crystallised greenhouse at its epi-centre - the spark that generates life.

Based on the anatomy of an eye, the sustainable concept explores how we look at objects by offering a range of different displays and viewpoints. At its heart lies the viewer, gathering new experiences and processing new information.

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  •    Timeline:

               March 2014

  •    Location:

           Bologna, Italy

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    a2d architecture

F.A.T. competition project images